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A Mentor of the Minds

  • Steve Allen
    He was a TRUE Renaissance Man. What an inspiration. The late, GREAT STEVE ALLEN along with wife, actress JAYNE MEADOWS still serve as mentors to both Dennis and his wife, Liz Chandler. PLEASE READ THE BELOW PARAGRAPHS TO LEARN HOW THEY MET THESE WONDERFUL AND GENEROUS HUMANITARIANS.


  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
    The window for a cure of all cancers is leukemia research. Dennis as a SURVIVOR of acute myelogenous leukemia can attest to that. One of the factors contributing to his quick remission in 1987 was a NEW chemotherapy drug (that was JUST released during his initial month-long hospital stay… talk about TIMING). After two more rounds of consolidation chemos and after his recovery from those rounds, Dennis had first-hand experience with this quality organization. It was when he was asked to appear on the 1990 National Leukemia Televent. There he met telethon hosts FLORENCE HENDERSON, SHIRLEY JONES and her husband MARTY INGELS, STEVE ALLEN and his wife, JAYNE MEADOWS. Of course, it was wonderful spending so much time with these legendary stars of stage, screen, television and the written word that week. (They were together at all the fundraisers held on the backlot of Unversal and then the next days on the soundstage of Paramount Pictures). But, what really impressed Dennis was how dedicated they were to the fight against cancer. Steve Allen asked to interview Dennis (the only featured adult survivor) and they got to play piano together, too. But, the sincerity of their interest to find a cure for cancer really made an impression. So, that’s why Dennis along with his wife, Liz, served as trustees of the northeast Ohio chapter (for 6 years). Now when called upon, he acts as ambassador and oftentimes performs, too. L.L.S. is the world’s largest voluntary health organization dedicated to blood cancer research, education and patient services. To volunteer call 888-HELP LLS (888-435-7557). To make a tax deductable donation call 888-773-9958.  

Classic Car Cruises

  • Crusin’ Times Magazine
    Credit goes to Publisher John Shapiro for helping to make happen many of the classic car cruises in the area. Check out his monthly Cruisin’ Times Magazine. Contact publisher John Shapiro at the Crusin’ Times @ 440-892-8509. Tell him you learned about him “from Dennis Chandler & The Stratophonics” (who knew him from their time spent playing as houseband for WHK RADIO. In those days, John was radio personality… John E. Douglas).  

Famous Family Ties

  • Albert Michelson

    He was called “The father of modern day Physics” and was the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize (for Physics). The famous MORLEY-MICHELSON EXPIERIMENTS were what ALBERT EINSTEIN said he based his Theory of Relativity on. Those experiments were done at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a distant relative on Dennis’ mother’s maternal side of the family, the Michelsons. Read also “THE MASTER OF LIGHT” a book explaining the invention of The Spectroscope and how it’s use helped to make their measure the official SPEED OF LIGHT measure, hence the title of the book.

  • Kurt Weill

    Maybe talent’s in the genes? A GIANT of a role model has emerged to inspire the composer-in-Dennis, thanks to his reacquainting with his relatives from his mother’s side, the Weills. This website profiles possibly the MOST FAMOUS of the WEILL family, the GREAT COMPOSER KURT WEILL. Reading his website you will learn why Weill is called “THE MOST INFLUENTIAL COMPOSER OF THE 19th CENTURY”. It makes for fascinating reading. Be sure to learn how his wife, the great singer, LOTTE LENYA championed his legacy. 

  • Marx Brothers

    Here is where you can learn more about VAUDEVILLE. It appears to be in his blood; this love for things theatre. Besides those Weills in the family, Dennis’mother had the pleasure of seeing “play the Palace”, her Uncle MAX & MADDY WEILL. They were billed as “an acrobatic dancing duo” (and “So, You Think You Can Dance?”). This website teaches all about the other vaudevillians, the MARX BROTHERS. She had a great uncle who was a MARX and when the troubodors came to Cleveland, they came to “play the Palace”. She got to see them from the family’s Opera Box, too. (“Night at the Opera” anyone?)

Feature Story

  • The Les Paul #1
    The August, 2003 edition of the Gibson/Baldwin Magazine features a story on The Les Paul #1. This is a story you will want to read. 

Guitar Co.

House Rocker

  • Lonnie Mack
    The Man who inspired Dennis to play a “Flying V”. Lonnie Mack had the instrumental hit record of “Memphis”. He inspired many a musician including Stevie Ray Vaughn to want to play his roadhouse style of rum boogie rock’n’blues.


  • Sunday Oldies JukeboxYes, there is a place to hear good old Rock and Roll. It is WSTB. Check out this site. 

Mr. Blues

  • B.B. King
    Known as a “Blues Brother” but to Dennis, truly a father-figure.

Music Stores

  • Village Music
    Here is one of the last true neighborhood music stores in Ohio. It is a real Gibson dealer in every sense of the word. It will be worth your time to visit and enjoy the remarkable display of Gibson products. You may even find that dream Gibson guitar you have always wanted. Experience the pleasure of a full service music store where customer satisfaction is all that matters. 

Repair Department

  • Empirical Sound
    MIKE FRATE cares for you, the professional musician who depends on professional equipment. But, as good as equipment can be, it sometimes breaks down. The Cleveland, Ohio area is Blessed to have an outstanding service center. If it has a tube, transistor, or cone, Empirical Sound can fix it. Mike Frate and his staff of qualified technicians can handle modern and vintage equipment from every major and minor manufacturer as well as speaker rebuilding. Empirical is a factory authorized repair center for virtually all companies making music gear. It may take a little longer than desired because of the heavy backlog but you can be sure that when you get your item back it will be RIGHT! Emergency service is available.

Rockabilly Legend

  • Dale Hawkins
    Dale Hawkins has inspired so many musicians without even knowing it! Songs like La Doo Da Da, Susie-Q, My Babe, Little Pig and countless others have been played for years by bands all over the world. It is time to give credit to the “man”. You are sorely missed but, thank you Dale, for your music, love and energy. We still feel it.  

The Originator

  • Bo Diddley
    Dennis’ first guitar teacher! He will truly be missed but his music will live forever. 

Toys and Things

  • Ebay
    Ebay is the place to find anything you can imagine. DC is an active trader under the user name of “wawamusic”. This link will take you to DC’s “ME” page. From there you can go searching by simply clicking on HOME at the top of the screen.