DC’s Past Radio Show – “Instrumentally Yours with Dennis Chandler”

Dennis had always wanted to host his own radio show where he could play the records that he wanted to play: all instrumentals. With an inventory of over 800 INSTRUMENTALS… Dennis got be an “Air Personality”, as his mentor and media pioneer Bill “Smoochie” Gordon preferred to call “DJs”… hence Dennis dedicating his show to old “Smoochie”.

From April of 2002 until April of 2005 that’s what he was doing with his “Instrumentally Yours” show. It was LIVE.. ON-AIR.. at.. 1330AM.. via COMCAST Cable Channel 28.. plus.. on the WEB.. at www.welw.com
A big down-to-Earth “Thank You” to the station’s owners, The Somich family. It was a Blessing.

But, who knows… perhaps an opportunity may come his way… to do another show… his way… as an “Air Personality”… I put it that way… in case Angel Bill Smoochie Gordon is listening… out there… in Cyberspace.

Liz Chandler aka Mrs. Dennis