Reunions Always Recomended

Bears repeating… This “Thank you” to musician-rocker Adam Rich for bringing together again his parents and musician-elder Dennis Chandler. It happened when Adam’s dad, Berni Rich and his wife, ARLENE BLANK RICH were living on the Menorah Campus. Who is ABR? She was Dennis’ first show business coach and mentor. It was way back in 1959 when student-Dennis joined a youthful troupe named the “KYW Roadshow”. “Miss Arlene” was the director of that “show biz wagon” that toured the playgrounds of Cleveland, Ohio. Being it was his formative years, Dennis Chandler akaThe Ed-U-Tainer says, he, “owes it all to “Miss Arlene”… this enjoyment of… ‘Educating While Entertaining’”. Thanks again to all the Rich Family.

Sadly, Arlene Blank Rich passed away the Summer of 2013. When widower Berni Rich moved to Highland Heights’ “Aberdeen Crossings”, he called Dennis to ask him to come to play piano for him and his fellow residents. Dennis was booked there for all of 2014 (every last-Friday-of-the-month for their “Happy Hour”). He also did special events for them i.e., Teas, Mixers, etc. To think how the Rich couple met … through music while working in the Roadshow! They fell in love and were married for 47 years (until Arlene’s untimely passing). It is in memory of his KYW Roadshow teachers that student-Dennis as pianist-Dennis does his act. For “Miss Arlene” (or “Aunt” Arlene and “Uncle” Berni as I like to refer to them). The Rich Family. What Lights.