Masters of Melody – by The Ed-U-tainer ® Dennis Chandler

Where Is Your Heart

Talk of The Town

September Song

Over The Rainbow

Lover Come Back

Masters of Melody – Contemporary 20th Century American Music

Dennis Chandler, M.A., Ph.D.


“The Ed-U-tainer”  ®

Dennis has presented this music at many places from east to west and all around. Let us describe here what Dennis does as “The Ed-U-tainer” playing what he prefers to call, “The Golden Age of American Music”.

“Masters of Melody” identifies the essence of musical integrity. It is a musical journey into the lives of those who created music that will never be equaled. The lyrics, music and times that should be remembered. The world wanted our music and they got it. Now there is a need to know more about what the world has come to appreciate… American music from the past. It is good to document cultural history… to see where music has been… and to see where music can go. 

Dennis also features some of the greatest composers of the Century. Their music touched the lives of generations in a way that left an indelible, never to be forgotten impression. For many audience members… these melodies and lyrics produced memories that might be dormant but will be resurrected, when these songs are heard. For others listening… they just might be inspired to create their own new memories, when these songs are heard.

Experiencing these little magical moments from the past will make one understand… how melodic music was an essential component of Broadway, movies and television… how it could go ’round the world… how it still stands up.

Join in the fun with this “Ambassador of Melody“… Dennis Chandler… “Let him ed-u-tain you“… (And you’ll have a real good time, to paraphrase a song).

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