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Update Mon. October 8, 2012: “Let Me Be Your Song” aka “Barbra Streisand’s Song” (as composer Dennis Chandler calls it… is DOWN THE LIST, BELOW). You can read the backstory, too, after you play it. 

Another song we can hear Barbra Streisand singing is the one below. It’s from “Just We Two – A New Musical”. In this scene we can hear her as the daughter of the comatose patient… singing to her father… her wishes to “Maybe Someday”. It is her lament of past opportunties in a shoulda, woulda, coulda attitude.   

Maybe Someday”

Click on the above title to hear this song from  “Just We Two – A New Musical”. The premise of this play is based on a situation EVERYONE CAN RELATE to: A loved one lying in a bed in a hospital room. The play begins with family members coming into the room to visit. They are then seen one by one, pondering and reflecting upon their life together with the patient. Emotions come back in flashbacks, emotions come in the moment. They lament. They cajole. They sing their hearts out with their respective “SHOUDA-WOULDA-COUDAS”. Again, everyone will relate to this play.

Bears Repeating… Book & Lyrics were written with humor and pathos by former syndicated cartoonist-turned playwright, Larry Brenner. It is semi-autobiographical for both lyricist and composer. First, the lead character as a writer working with words… wants to be taken seriously… delivers his dialogue in short sing-song syllables. Then, he acts out in lyrical laments… singing all his own “SHOULD-WOULDA-COULDAS”.

The music was written by Composer Dennis Chandler who wanted all 22 songs to be MELODIC. Even the few rock ‘n’ roll songs are in an older more traditional “MELODIC BROADWAY STYLE”.

OUT OF TRAGEDY COMES ART, again. For these two survivors, “…know from whence they speak”.


Also below is a partial repository of other original music Dennis has composed. As I find and transfer material to mp3, etc., I will add. (The stage musicals are having the vocals added. Bear with me.)  Liz Chandler             

Woolly, Me and You

Click on the above title to hear The Woollybear Song. This lullaby was the 1st Woollybear song (written for Dick Goddard’s Woollybear Festival). Music by Dennis Chandler, Lyrics by Phil Smoluk, featuring vocalist Dale Solly & the Woollybear Watchers. Click on the above title to play the song.

Ride With The Tribe

Click on the above title to hear Ride With The Tribe song. Music by Dennis Chandler, Lyrics by Liz Smoluk Chandler, Phil Smoluk and Dennis Chandler.

Go Browns

Click on the above title to hear Go Browns song, Music by Dennis Chandler, Lyrics by Phil Smoluk. 

Let Me Be Your Song

Click on the above title to hear Let Me Be Your Song, Music by Dennis Chandler, Lyrics by Phil Smoluk & Liz Smoluk Chandler.

This is the song Dennis dreamed he and Barbra Streisand were arranging… how she should sing it (her way, of course). In his dream, (which happened while Den was undergoing chemo (’87) for treatment for AML-type leukemia), he said they were sitting under the shelter of a big beautiful tree… laughing and enjoying their blessing of being able to make music ( again).  Well, from our lips to G_d’s ear… or… in at the very least, Barbra Streisand’s ears! It could happen, no? (Read more on  the page titled “The Journey”)  Signed, Liz Chandler


Just the beginning of a list of past musical projects. The material written, arranged, produced and recorded by musician- composer Dennis Chandler. (Seems folks are still interested in past projects. Guess it helps for future ones)


TV 8’s “Winners” Promotion …….. “We’re TV8, Home of The Winners”

Rinaldi Jewelry……………….. “Where Little Things Mean a Lot”

After Five Magazine……… “There’s a New Way of Looking at Cleveland After Five”

Midpark Chrysler Plymouth ……….. “You Are Someone Special”

Morrell Music…… “If You Want More Than Just A Music Store”

Audio Outlet………….. “There Is Only One”

Kitchen Queen………”Kitchen Queen, Your Dream Kitchen Store”

Bobby Gee Stores……… “You and Me and Bobby Gee”

Randall Park Mall…The Best of Them All”

Cleveland Copy and Printing…..”When You Need More Than One”

TV 5’s Morning Exchange ………. “Start Your Day With Us”

WERE’s Joey Jay Radio Show…… “Jazz for Joey Jay” (Instrumental)

Bass Chevrolet…… “Home of Bass Chevrolet”


TV8’s Dick Goddard & Dale Solly…… The Woollybear Song aka “Woolly, Me and You”

Media’s Joel Rose, Jan Jones, Dale Solly, The Ghoul, Tana Carli … Joel Rose’s Polka aka “Oh, How We Love Those Pierogi”

TV5’s Morning Exchange 10th Anniversary Song…. “Start Your Day With Us”

NBC TV3 Weatherman’s theme….”Waylon Boot’s Bodacious Blues”

Politico Bob Hughes Tribute Song…. “Hats Off To Hughes”

Eastside Irish American Club Theme for Grand Opening….”And Yet We’ve Just Begun”

Kidney Foundation Chili Cook-Off Winner Rafe Goldbach’s song … “Ode To Rotten Rafe’s Chili”

M.D.A. Poster Child, Damian Claudio’s Poem (laid to video) ….”Hoping For A Miracle”

Morning Exchange: Farewell Song for host Jan Jones (laid to video)…. “Smiling”

Morning Exchange: Farewell Song for host Joel Rose (laid to video) …. “Joel’s A Rose”

Cleveland Indians Song… “Ride With The Tribe”

The First Cleveland Browns Song (laid to video by Gib Shanley for WEWS) … “Go Browns”

First Rock Hall Song (all media, USA Today Phone Poll, Petition Drives)….”Can You Feel It (That Rock ‘n’ Roll)”

Chamber of Comm./Growth Assoc. Farewells: Pres. Bill Bryant & Ex.VP K. Michael Benz..”Blues for Benz”

Song in tribute to television personality Fred Griffith… “Always Fred”


NBC TV3 Dale Solly’s Half-Hour Special on Lake Erie titled “Dark Water, Deep Secrets”…..Complete Score….(Instrumental)

CH 19 Dale Solly’s “Cleveland Homes Magazine” Show….Theme.. (Instrumental)

Bill “Smoochie” Gordon’s TV Show…”Stay Smoochie You Rascal, You”…. (Instrumental)

Betsy Saltzburg’s TV Show “Positively Speaking”… Theme… (Instrumental)


As-yet-unpublished music written for and commissioned by the late Dorothy Fuldheim for her “Three and a Half Husbands”

Words & Music for “Maltshop Memories” (a rock ‘n’ roll roadshow that toured locally, played community theatres i.e., Gates Mills Straw Hat Theatre, etc. )

Music written for Deborah Osment Ryan’s “Ruling Passion – A Musical Comedy About Richard III”.

Music written for Larry Brenner’s “Just We Two” (a musical comedy about a man in a coma).

Music for former Wings Over Jordon baritone Web Fleming to perform in tribute to African-American Museum Founder Icabod Flewellen.