Dale Hawkins

Dale Hawkins In ConcertFeb. 13, 2013

Dale Hawkins “Everything is going to work out just the way it’s suppose to!”









In memory of the third anniversary of ROCKABILLY LEGEND DALE HAWKINS’ passing (after losing a courageous battle with colon cancer) we recall this dear friend with a story about relating to folks, down home style.

Dale “SUSIE-Q” Hawkins always responded with such verve to the music being made by his musical director DENNNIS CHANDLER (seen soloing on “MY BABE” the hit Hawkins’ dear friend the late, great bluesman WILLIE DIXON wrote). This rockabilly legend had many hit songs. Now about another “LA-DO-DADA”..

Dale told about how MOVIE LEGEND STEVEN SPIELBERG wanted to meet and tell him how his most favorite song from his high school years is “La-Do-D-Dada”. The backstory behind meeting Spielberg was told excitedly by Dale just right after meeting him (when Dale called to tell about it). Earlier that evening, it happened that a mutual recording executive friend of theirs called Dale to have him to “come in to Nashville (from Dale’s home in Little Rock, Arkansas) for a surprise he had for him.” Dale was in one studio when his friend brought in a fan from another studio… it was Steven Spielberg. As they were being introduced Dale said, he was impressed how soft spoken and quiet his manner was. Then with robust enthusiasm he told Dale the above quote (about his song still having such favor with him after all these years since his high school days).

Dale called Dennis to say, Spielberg said about his song,”La-Do-DaDa” the SAME THING THE SAME WAY Dennis did upon their first meeting (back in Ohio at a concert in Cleveland when they both were playing the Palace). Dennis told Dale that just proves what an impression that song made. And what a musical gift Dale gave when he wrote that song.

Knowing Dale Hawkins (albeit way too briefly) was such a gift. He was always a kind, thoughtful, truthful person, the kind we should all try to emulate. We can just hear him with that charming Southern drawl. He was always thinking of the other person. Again like in that phone call when he put a tag on the Spielberg story. In his self-deprecating way he turned attention to the other person, in this case Dennis on the other end of the phone. Dale concluded with, “See, Dennis you could say you and Steven Spielberg think along the same lines!”

Try to think of the other person. Dale had that effect. So, in response to Dale’s kind, “great-minds-think-along-the-same-lines comment”, Dennis says, “Well, alright.” He begins to think Dale might like to hear how another friend enjoyed meeting STEVEN SPIELBERG. So, he told the backstory BB KING told him about getting to see Spielberg’s electric trains. How it happened was that after BB finished a concert at the Universal Amphitheatre; Steven Spielberg invited him to see his trains (believe it was his bungalow at Universal’s backlot). BB King being a Southern gentleman always would tries to relate to folks. So he said to Spielberg, “Oh, my friend, (Dennis) has electric trains, too. But, I can’t recall what kind; but, they did look to be the same”. (They are the same kind, Lionel electric trains.) Dale loved the story. Of course, the Southern gentleman said “Oh, I WISH I had known; I coulda told STEVEN SPIELBERG they were Lionel.. He woulda related to that!” Oh, the shoulda, woulda, coudas of Life, eh? But, then, “Everything is going to work out just the way it’s suppose to”, Dale says.

Thank you for being a Light, Dale. Love, Den & Liz